A penguin(Frosty) dancing in snow wearing red christmas capA cat(Kitty) playing a drumA hamster(FuFu) exercising with dumbells

Alarm Buddy

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What's Alarm Buddy?

Alarm Buddy is an alarm app that helps you wake up by playing simple, fun and engaging games.

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Meet The Buddies

When the alarm triggers… your selected alarm buddy will appear on screen in a group. Your job is to find the one buddy who's making the noise. Once it's located by you, the option to turn off or snooze the alarm will be enabled.
We currently have 3 Alarm Buddy Games available(more to be added soon).
Here’s a quick intro of them all:

A cat(Kitty) blowing a paper whistle


Ms. Kitty loves dancing, parties and music. So her style of waking you up is by throwing you a loud party filled with fun dance moves and  a lot of music.

A penguin(Frosty) moving in circle in snow


Frosty is a happy go lucky penguin. He enjoys being in the moment and celebrating the small little joys of life. So obviously his style to wake you up is to get you to enjoy the sunshine and start the day on positive vibes.

A hamster(FuFu) cycling


FuFu is a bit of health conscious. He spends a good amount of time in a day exercising to stay in shape. His way of waking you up is by starting a quick workout with some pumping music on.

envelope with a cat paw

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions or facing any issues with the app, please write to us at hello@alarmbuddy.app